You Need a Shotshell Holder
That's As Serious As You Are

You are serious about your clay target game. Don't settle for generic equipment or gear that's not designed just for you. You need something to hold your extra shotgun shells comfortably and with easy access.

Sure, your shell bag will hold a box. But what about your proof shells, or other extra practice shells you want to carry separately from your box of 25?

Or what if you're on the last station and fire a dud? You don't want to have to go all the way back to the clubhouse. You need a holder designed for those extra rounds.
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You've Come to the Right Place

I make shotshell holders for the guns YOU shoot.

Looking for a two-shell black leather holder for .410 bore? I make it. Need a five-shell holder for 20 gauge? Got that, too. You can find exactly what you want by looking in the options to the left on this page.

"The 6-shell .410 shotgun shell holder you made for me is exactly what I needed and is serving me well. When not being used for hunting, I keep my .410 loaded with a mix of 3 inch and 2 1/2 inch shells designed for home defense. I have my holder loaded in the correct order of this mix, ready for rapid reload. The holder is handy at other times, too."

—Selby C. Stevens
Katy, TX
Owner of a custom-made 6-shell, .410-bore holder, black suede

Tough, American-Made,
by Shooters for Shooters

No cheap sweatshop made these holders. I make them one-by-one, by hand, out of the finest materials.

The leather is highly durable and buffed to a buckskin-like suede. The holders are not sewn together, but instead are riveted. They'll stand up to any abuse you can put them through on the field.

I designed these holders to slip over your existing belt, right next to your shell bag. Most belts are about 1 and a half inches wide, but my holder will fit your belt even if it's a hearty 2 inches wide.

I Stand Behind My Product
And Guarantee It 100%

Your shellholder must serve you as well as mine has served me, or I'll gladly refund your money. Just return it within 60 days. No questions asked.

I started making these holders about 10 years ago for myself, because there was nothing out there that was just right. They still come in handy and make shooting a little bit easier and more enjoyable. I'm convinced you'll feel the same way.

"Very happy with the holder. Thanks!! I have/will recommend your shell holders to people that asked me about mine."

—Jeff Allison
Media, PA
Owner of a 2-shell, 12-gauge holder, brown suede

"I used my shell holder this weekend. It held the 20 gauge and 28 gauge shells securely, but also it was very convenient to pull one out when needed." Your shell holder is a great way to have the extra shells needed in case of a broken bird on doubles handy. It's very well made and looks great."

—Mark Matlock
Decatur, IL
Owner of a custom 6-shell, 20/28-gauge holder (black suede) & a 2-shell, 12-gauge holder (also black suede)